The World’s Smallest Theatre

P6190804The Tom Thumb Theatre in Cliftonville, Margate, Kent is one of the smallest theatres in the world. The stage measures only  10 ft.  x 7 ft.,   making it the smallest  stage of any public theatre on the planet.  For the audience, the Tom Thumb provides an ambience hard to find in a world of mega-venues that focus more on ticket sales and fancy pyrotechnics than the music itself. With only 50 red velvet seats, visitors are guaranteed an intimate showing at every event.

The Tom Thumb was originally built as a coach house in 1896, and by 1985 had become a neglected two car garage. Lesley and Sarah Parr-Bryne, mother daughter locals and theatre enthusiasts, transformed the property in the 1980’s to the charming and unique theatre it is today. Lesley passed away in 2006, and her daughter sold the theatre to actress Frankie Jordan in 2009.making it the smallest  stage of any public theatre on the planet.


Miss Jordan continues the long tradition of bringing in musical acts and theatrical productions to this gem on the coast of South East England. One of the venue’s biggest attractions is ‘The Little Opry’ which showcases Blue Grass, Cajun, and Americana acts on its (barely) 5 person stage.

The Tom Thumb Theatre is a charming community theatre, and the quirky exterior and unique performances continue to draw in visitors both local and worldwide.  I really enjoyed my look around the Tom Thumb, it is not everyday you get to see the smallest -insert place here- in the world.


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