Top Five Historical Sites in the United Kingdom

With a history dating back thousands of years the British Isles are some of the oldest settled lands in the world and it’s this sense of history that is a major draw for expats from the new world nations such as the USA, Canada and Australia. With so many to choose from we take a look at our top five must visit historical sites in the UK.

1. Tower of London

Tower_of_London,_April_2006 (1)One of the oldest stone castles ever built in England the Tower of London has an infamous past full of murder, hangings and some good old medieval justice. Fortunately the site is no longer used as a political prison but is instead now one of London’s most popular tourist destinations.

Built by William the Conqueror in 1078 to assert his authority over England’s capital city the tower has been used as a royal palace, prison and is the home of the crown jewels which remain under constant guard by the towers resident guards, the beefeaters. Legend has it that if the towers resident Ravens ever leave then ‘the crown will fall and Britain with it.’


2. Roman Baths, Bath

Roman_Baths_in_Bath_Spa,_England_-_July_2006_edit3 (1)Alongside Hadrian’s Wall this is possibly the most famous Roman site in Britain; the Roman baths in Bath are a major award winning tourist destination. The site is situated below street level opposite Bath Abbey and offers visitors an audio visual trip back to Britain’s Roman Age.  Unfortunately visitors are no longer permitted to enter the water. In the case of Hadrian’s Wall sadly not much remains except for some museums and ruins.

 3. Stonehenge

Stonehenge2007_07_30 (1)Possibly the most famous historical site in the whole of the UK and one of the most recognised in the world, Stonehenge remains a mystery to archaeologists and historians and as you visit the site you can see why, the place exudes mystery. Thought to be over 4000 years old the original purpose of the site is a long lost mystery. Every year Stonehenge becomes a place of pilgrimage for neo-pagans who gather at the standing stones to see in the winter and summer solstices.

4. Edinburgh Castle

Schottland-Edinburgh_Castle (1)This castle has been home to many Scottish rulers and has seen plenty of combat in its long history. The famous castle stands upon the top of a long extinct volcano giving it a fantastic view of the surrounding area and making it an excellent defensive location. The castle has been besieged by Edward 1st and Robert the Bruce to name just a few famous historical figures to claim the site. Nowadays Edinburgh castle is a popular tourist destination and is home to the famous Military Tattoo performed every August by Scottish army regiments.

5. HMS Victory

Victory_starboard (1)The famous flagship of one of Britain’s greatest heroes is docked in Portsmouth and is open to the public to see. The ship is undergoing restoration giving visitors a unique opportunity to see the process taking place. The victory was Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson ship that took part in the decisive victory of Trafalgar where the Royal Navy defeated the French and Spanish. The Victory is the oldest commissioned naval warship in the world and is the flagship of the Navy’s first Sealord.

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3 responses to “Top Five Historical Sites in the United Kingdom

    • Bath is so beautiful, I had a wonderful time there as well. I love to go to the park across from Tower Bridge, it has such spectacular views of the Tower of London. I have never been to York, thanks for the tip!

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