Memorial Day at the Battle of Britain: Capel le Ferne

Since it is Memorial Day state-side, I thought it would be only fitting to do a post today which highlights the men and women who fought to protect the freedoms of their countrymen. I happen to have a very special attraction just down the road from my house, that has done a spectacular job remembering those brave people before us.

Part_Of_Battle_Of_Britain_Memorial (1)

The Battle of Britain Memorial in Capel le Ferne, England is beautifully situated on the top of the White Cliffs of Dover in-between the cities of Folkestone and Dover. It serves as a memoriam for the 3,000 airmen who fought at the infamous Battle of Britain, arguably the most important  battle  during the War that England was involved in. The Battle of Britain Memorial is extremely moving, even for those of us born much later than the World War I-II era. As you walk past “Our Wall”, a list of names of those who flew in the Battle of Britain, you can’t help but feel proud and grateful for those brave men. Although I am American, I know that England was fighting for the same cause as my grandfather was on the beaches in Normandy, it ties us all together. 2550087_a5836069 (1)

By far my favorite part of the Battle of Britain Memorial is the Sir Keith Park bust. No matter how many times I visit the memorial (6 or 7 at this point) I am always in utter awe over this simple statue of a lone pilot. The statue itself in nothing spectacular, but when you take in the scene as a whole, it is magnificent. Perched on the White Cliffs of Dover, the pilot sits there in solitude as he looks over the English Channel. You get this feeling that he is remembering both the events that took place there, as well as his friends who perished into the sea.

Battle_of_Britain_Memorial_Pilot (1)

3392415_f556cd31 (1)

‘Never in the history of mankind have so many owed so much to so few’ -Winston Churchill

If you plan on visiting England, I highly recommend the Battle of Britain Memorial. It is as breathtaking as it is touching, and should be a must-see on any travellers itinerary who is looking to discover the history of this great nation.

The Battle of Memorial is free to visitors and easily accessible from Folkestone or Dover by car and bus. The parking lot and cafe are open from 10-5 daily, although the memorial itself can be accessed by foot at any time.


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