The ‘Grow Your Own’ movement is alive and kicking

After an extra long wait thanks to the extended cold weather, our garden has finally arrived. We received around 150 baby vegetable plants in one medium sized box from ‘instant garden’ UK supplier Rocket Gardens. I am such an advocate for the ‘grow your own’ movement. The majority of produce sold in supermarkets in the UK comes with  poor quality and mediocre taste. (This applies to the the USA and The Netherlands as well) When you take the time to grow your own  you can have great tasting vegetables in your backyard year-round. There is something really amazing about being self-sufficient as well, and I am so excited to eat from my own garden this summer.

Rocket Garden’s instant gardens come to your doorstep in a box, with all of your baby plants layered in straw to protect them during the journey. This is what ours looked like two layers in.

WP_20130523_002 (1)

We had decided to build a raised planter to make the veggies look a bit nicer, and it ended up being relatively inexpensive to build. Once you get the box, you can pop each one of your little organic plants into the ground- and then you’re done! So easy. We chose the ‘River Cottage Veg Patch’ which came with rocket, lettuce, beans, courgette, potatoes, peas, tomatoes, and a few others.  If you don’t have a garden, Rocket Gardens has the ‘Urban’ instant garden as well so you can grow your own on a patio, or even in pots in your kitchen.

Here is more or less how it looked after it was planted, although we still have a few things we need to fix.  I should point out that this is literally the only plot of our garden that has space for veggies, so the veggies that wouldn’t fit we have put into planters.

WP_20130523_007 (1) (1)

I think it looks pretty amazing. We definitely over-crowded some of the vegetables, but I am pretty proud of our amateurish success. I also had ordered a tomato garden without thinking of two important details.

1. I don’t have a greenhouse and tomatoes aren’t super happy in the ‘warm’ UK summers.

2. I have no other space in my garden for gro-bags to accommodate 15 tomato plants.

So… for now I have just potted them and stuck them in the dining room which is now like a giant green house. (It has a nice window.) Dining rooms are overrated anyway.

I will post pictures of my beautiful vegetable garden in mid-summer so you can really see the great things we have in there. I would love to try one of the instant fruit gardens next, they sound amazing.

If you want to order your own instant garden check out the  Rockets Gardens website. Rocket Gardens did not sponsor this post, or provide me with any products. I am just a huge fan!


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