Adventures in Travel Writing

The great thing about having a blog in its infancy, is you have the freedom to decide which direction you want to take it in the future. Trying to decide the types of viewers you would like to attract, how much of your personal life you want to share, and whether or not you want to focus on a specific niche are just a few of the logistics I am currently wrestling with.

There is only one thing I am sure about. Travel is a huge part of my life, and is the one subject I get completely consumed writing about. My life as a freelance travel writer has been far from lucrative, and is in the very beginning stages just like this blog. But I have plans. Big ones. As I gain experience writing for more established travel blogs, my own desires to create and explore and write just continue to grow.

As much as I yearn for free travel and perks of the trade, my main purpose is to create a career around something that I honestly love. It would be great to hear any advice from seasoned travel writers out there. Tips on getting the blog off the ground would be welcome as well.

My first goal: Minimum two blog posts per week. Need to satisfy my many fans.


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