What a lovely day…

Today is one of those rare ones here in England. The sun has managed to come out after weeks of being in hiding, the wind is bearable, and the temperature is in the 50’s which around here feels like summer. Growing up I was surrounded by open space and beautiful weather most of the year, minus the few tornadoes here and there. I hated going outside, and as far as I was concerned the air-conditioner was my one and only friend. Granted, the temperatures are way more mild on the coast of England than they were in Texas, but I have developed such a fond appreciation for sitting out in my garden with a cup of coffee in the morning. I love being surrounded by flowers, and growing our own vegetables. When we work outside it never feels like work, it is just so relaxing. Teenage ‘me’ would be horrified.

Through the winter months my backyard is a cold wasteland, and I only venture out there to throw some food waste on the compost heap, but now it is coming to life. I think the bulbs are a bit late this year- but how amazing is it to see all that dead nothingness turn into this?

Garden coming to life.

Spring awakening.

One more thing that has me super happy this morning, and I will stop being like a typical English person chatting incessantly about the weather. We planted our first veggies of the year, some cute little gem lettuce plants. There is nothing better than a BBQ with a fresh side salad straight from your own garden. Look how cute they are!

Gem Lettuce

Gem Lettuce

Moving abroad has so many ups and downs, but you definitely start discovering yourself in so many new and unexpected places. This blog will be a look into my life- both the trivial days  and the adventurous ones. I hope you will enjoy this little window into my life as the Fly Away American.


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